Sunday, January 27, 2013

Your destination is directly ahead

You know that feeling … the one you get when you crave the Outdoors and you say to yourself “let’s go!” But then some inner rational child says “But where?”

What you need, you realize, is someplace to go where you can meet a bunch of different people to learn about a bunch of different destinations that can satisfy that craving – and more! The Internet? Well, maybe - but you want more than more than just a quick pop-up ad promising big fish or trophies. You want to look the other person in the eye and ask questions and get quick answers so you can feel confident you are in good hands when you plan that trip.

Well, lucky for you Bob Gerding’s Outdoor Adventures Hunting and Fishing Show is right around the corner - right here in Albuquerque! Guides, lodges and outfitters from dozens of exciting hunting and fishing destinations will be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 2/8-10, ready to share everything they know to get you out there this year! Whether you are looking for a new place close to home or someplace farther out you will find them and more at the big Show.

See the links on the right to follow Bog on Twitter for updates, like us on Facebook and visit our Website for show details. Come out to the Manual Lujan building at Expo New Mexico February 8-10th.

Here are some links to help you learn more about a few of our featured Exhibitors as you plan your next Adventure!

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