Thursday, February 7, 2013

Getting the gear and getting farther out there
Find the right destination is a great first step toward your next Outdoor Adventure. What can really take you to the next level though is the right gear and preparing yourself to get further out and stay there longer.
Finding the right outfitter for your equipment and gear needs can build your confidence and knowledge and nobody is better prepared to help you than the folks at the Show. In one easy trip this weekend you can find a new bow, a new fly rod, a custom turkey call and a kayak or stand-up paddle board to make that outing awesome. Don't settle for less than the right equipment for your next adventure.
Getting out is one thing but staying out and making the adventure last is really important. For example, come to the show and learn how an ATV can get you farther in faster and make getting out with your hunting success easier. You’ll be surprised too at how inexpensive a recreational vehicle can be compared to the back and forth of multiple outings or hotels. You can make that hunting trip a last a really long time with great taxidermy, too – you won’t believe the quality of today’s work and how it can remind and inspire you.
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Monday, February 4, 2013

Pursuing the Outdoors Lifestyle
We all look forward to making the most of our Outdoor Adventures while we are fortunate enough to be out fishing, hunting, boating, camping or generally enjoying our beautiful outdoors. But what about the rest of the time? Thankfully there are wonderful people who have figured out how make the outdoors a lifestyle and not just an activity. Cooking and art are two great ways that you can share your experiences with family and friends and make your Outdoor Adventures last longer, even back at home.
Whether you are cooking up that lakeside lunch while fishing or preparing your hunting trip’s successes back home for family and friends you want to make the best food. At Bob’s Show you can learn all about why the right cooking tools like beautiful grills and durable cast iron are really important for great, flavorful cooking. And we all know that fish and wild game have unique flavor profiles - so don’t settle for any old seasoning! With special spices, glazes and rubs perfectly suited for your game and the right cooking tools, techniques and the knowledge of how to use them you will become a master of outdoor cooking - at the campsite or at home!
An outdoors lifestyle is more than an occasional outing. All of us would love to spend more time outdoors … but that’s not always possible. One way to help bring the outdoors into your everyday lifestyle is through outdoors-inspired art and furniture.  Bob’s Show is really fortunate to have some great artists to inspire you and capture the magnificence of the outdoors. Put a beautiful knife on your belt or in your pocket that is useful on your trips and back home to remind you of the fun. Put some gorgeous photos of wildlife and wild spaces on your wall or office back home. You can even find stunning outdoors-inspired furniture pieces and metal art that will transport you right back to your favorite outdoor spot.
You really can keep the beauty and the flavor of the outdoors around you all the time!
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Here are some links for featured exhibitors helping you pursue the outdoors lifestyle: